When your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you need a reliable towing service. The right car emergency towing service should be affordable and also dependable.  The following are a few ways you can find a cheap car towing service in Cleveland. If you need a top rated car towing service in Cleveland, call us at 216-800-8820, we are here and ready to help you with your towing needs.

Insurance Providers

Talk to your car insurance provider. They will recommend a towing service. You can compare prices and find the best one for you. Ensure that you get a towing service nearby that is near your locale. This way, you will not have trouble when you are stuck at any time of the day or night.

Some insurance providers also provide towing services. You can use their service together with insurance. Ask and get the premiums from them before you decide.


Car Dealers

In your locale, you will find several car dealerships. Some of them have tow trucks that they use to provide emergency towing services to their clientele. Take time to visit several dealerships and compare prices. Ensure that the dealership you choose will offer you the service at an affordable rate.

Make sure that the car dealer has other branches in other regions. This is because you will be able to get access to their services anywhere you want. If you like driving out of the state, choose a dealership that has branches in several states.

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Credit Card Companies and Banks

Some banks and credit card companies provide roadside assistance. They have comprehensive coverage, and you can get a towing service in any state. Most of the companies will pull you to the nearest dealership. You should visit your credit card company and ask if they offer any car towing services.

Before you engage a credit card company, you can ask if they offer any other services. If you are using the credit card company, you will get a reasonable rate on any service.


In every state, there are several auto clubs. You need to take time and visit each of them so that you can get the best rate. Compare their prices and find out if there are any other services that you can get from them.  You will get different rates from different providers.

Most auto clubs are expensive, and many people are not able to afford their services. It would be best if you asked around for the most affordable club in your locale.



Search for websites that have car towing services near you. When you look for these websites, you will find different options, and you can engage any of them. You should, however, ensure that you do proper research before you choose one. Some individuals also provide some of the best towing services in Cleveland. You can involve any of them after visiting their websites.

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Any company you decide to use should offer affordable towing services and also reliable. Ensure that you can count on them at any time. Remember that if you drive away from your locale, you need a towing company with branches in the states you frequent. Read reviews about the services they provide so that you can choose the best car towing service. At Cleveland OH Towing Service, we are a highly rated towing service. Call our office if you need towing at 216-800-8820.