Every driver will most likely experience a flat tire sooner or later. While using a spare tire to replace a flat for temporary use may be possible, there are some situations when calling a tow truck  or a flatbed tow truck is a much better, and a far more safe option. Sometimes, even a flat tire is a reason you might need a tow truck. If you need towing services rely on for quick and safe assistance.

reasons not to use a spare

Does Your Car Have a Spare Tire

Most cars carry a spare tire in the trunk for easy replacement following a flat. However, spare tires are a touch narrower and less durable than a standard tire, which means they shouldn’t be driven on for long periods of time. Therefore, there are several situations when a spare tire won’t be up to the task at hand.

Spare Tires Have a Number of Risks

Spare tires are more at risk to suffer punctures from rocks and other roadside debris, which can prove problematic when driving on unpaved roads. Most tire manufacturers clearly warn against driving faster than 50 mph and then they also advise that you should only drive short distances with a spare tire. Take note, if you still have a long drive, or will be traveling on high-speed, potentially unsafe roads, it would be better to call for a tow service.

dont use a spare

Spare Tires Have Limits

The smaller size of spare tires also decreases their load ratings and handling abilities. If you’re using your vehicle to haul a heavy trailer, you’ll most likely need a tow, since your spare tire isn’t strong enough to handle the weight. Stormy conditions also merit calling a tow truck—you don’t want to add to your car problems by skidding out on an icy road due to the poor traction on your spare tire.

Do You Have an Old Spare?

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When any of the above situations apply after you get a flat tire, don’t risk pushing your spare tire beyond its capabilities when calling for a flatbed tow truck is easy to do. Choose the safer option and call a tow truck. Whether you need a tow or roadside assistance, the team at Cleveland OH Towing Service is ready to help with fast, reliable tow service. Just call us at 216-877-9334 for help with your spare tire today!